Complete Guide to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone for the First Time

A voicemail helps you to respond when you can’t pick up a call. Callers can leave their messages, so you directly know once you check your iPhone. If you just got an iPhone and want to set it up, you have to learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone for the first time below. This feature works well if someone wants to inform you of something important. Check the following steps to use the voicemail feature maximally.

set up voicemail on iphone

Steps how to set up voicemail on your iPhone

You will see the list of the voice messages once you set up this feature on an iPhone. Then, you can pick the most important message you want to hear first. This feature also has specific tools to skip, fast forward, rewind, and delete the messages. Follow the steps below to set up a voicemail on your iPhone.

  • Find the Voicemail App 

From a Home screen, go to the phone app option. Check the lower right of the screen to get the voicemail app. The system may direct you to the automated voicemail system if you switch to an iPhone. You only have to follow the voice prompts.

set up visual voicemail on iphone

  • Choose Set up now.
  • Enter a new Visual Voicemail password.
  • Choose Done.
  • Re-enter the new Visual Voicemail password.
  • Choose Done.

If all steps have done, that the voicemail on your iPhone has already been set up.

  • Record and Change Greeting 

iPhone prompts you to create a password after tapping the set up now option. Ensure that the password is easy to remember and difficult to break by others. Then, the voicemail system asks you to record a voicemail greeting.

Choose the default option if you want to set the greeting with a generic voicemail message, such as the person you are trying to reach (your phone number) is not available. Leave a message. You can also use the custom option to record your voice to greet callers who call your iPhone.

record greeting voicemail on iphone

Tap the record option to record a greeting. Tap play to listen to your greeting. Don’t forget to tap the save option once you are satisfied with the result. The custom option is also used for changing the greeting.

How to listen and manage voicemail message on iPhone

After learning how to set up voicemail on iPhone, you also have to learn how to listen to and manage voicemail messages on it. Follow the steps below to listen to the messages on your iPhone.

  • Check the List of the Messages

You will get a notification if there is any voicemail message coming to your iPhone. Tap one of the messages in the voicemail list. The message consists of the name of the sender, the length of the message, the time the sender sends the message, and a play button.

  • Expands the Playback Controls

Tapping on the message will expand the playback controls and other management buttons. You can listen to the message, pause, drag the play head in the scrubber, and listen to the message out loud.

listen voicemail on iphone

  • Listen to the voicemail message on your iPhone

Expand the playback controls on the message you want to hear. Then, tap the play button to listen to the message. Tap the pause button if you want to stop the message and do something. Playback the message without starting it from the beginning.

Use the speaker button to hear messages out loud through the iPhone’s speaker in case you want to listen to the message while doing something. This feature allows you to hear the message without holding the gadget to your ear or using headphones.

Other useful features you can use on the voicemail message

There are several features that you will find and can use to maximize the voicemail function. You can learn it by reading the information below.

  • corresponding voicemail iconCall Back

As its name suggests, a call back button in the voicemail is designed to call back a person who left the message. This feature works well if the message is urgent and you have to call the person right away once you receive their messages.

  • Info Button

Voicemail for iPhone also has an info button. The function of this feature is to display more information about the caller who leaves the message. You only have to tap the button on the right side of the name. The info screen will pop up and show the detail.

  • Delete

You can also delete voicemail messages on your iPhone. The system will remove the message from the voicemail list screen once you delete it. The deleted messages are moved to the deleted messages list. The good thing about the deleted messages list is that you can undelete the message and play it back.

  • Clear All

You may see that there are too many messages on the voicemail. If it is so, clears them all from the list. You don’t have to delete the message one by one. Use the clear all button to remove all the messages to the deleted messages list.

You will see an empty voicemail messages screen. This feature is great for those who want to remove old messages that you don’t need to listen to them anymore. As a result, you don’t need to get confused to find new messages because you have removed all the old messages.

Final words

The point of using a voicemail in your iPhone is to ensure that you never miss any crucial or urgent information from family, friends, or colleagues when you can’t pick up their calls. You can even play the messages anytime you want.

set up voicemail on my iphon

This app is useful for people who are using an iPhone and can’t pick calls anytime they want. Working people who often communicate with iPhone can also send certain jobs or tasks while working at home or long distance, so they can play it over again and finish the jobs right away.

The most important thing is that you learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone first and try to use the features. Now, you don’t need to think about how do I set up voicemail on my iPhone, set up visual voicemail, and iPhone voicemail settings anymore. The explanation above guide you.

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