How to Change Voicemail Greeting on Your iPhone

You need a greeting when using voicemail on your iPhone. The good thing is that you can change your voicemail greeting on iPhone anytime you want. It is only for those who are using the custom voicemail greeting. So, how to change voicemail on iPhone and get a new greeting? Follow the instructions below.

Changing voicemail greeting on iPhone with the default mode

Make sure that you have set up your voicemail previously. By using visual voicemail, you can decide whether to use the “default” greeting or create a “custom” one. When creating a custom greeting, you will be allowed to review it before you confirm the recording.

change default voicemail greeting on iphone

By default, your voicemail will be setup with your carrier’s generic greeting. If you’ve ever changed your voicemail to a custom one and want to return to the default, just move the tick to the default option and you’re done.

Changing your voicemail greeting with custom mode

So, how to change voice mail on iPhone with custom mode? Changing a voicemail message on iPhone is similar to the way to create a custom greeting. Follow the instructions below.

You are in the voicemail section right now. Hit the voicemail greeting and the record as a greeting. Tap the record app. It is an app with a microphone icon. Start creating your greeting. Hit the stop button on a button with a square icon.

change voicemail greeting on iphone

You can listen to the greeting you have made by tapping the play button. It previews the greeting first before using it. Delete and create a new one if you aren’t satisfied with the result. Tap the save button when your custom greeting is ready to use.

Don’t forget to enter the name of the new greeting to make it easy to find. Tap the save button once again to confirm your action. Now, you can use a new greeting on your voicemail. Test by calling your iPhone to ensure that the voicemail uses a new greeting.

The point is that changing the old voicemail greeting with a new one is easy. You only have to prepare a new greeting first. It takes time to record a new greeting. Ensure that the new custom greeting is ready to use.

Then, you can follow the instructions above to use it. The information about how to change voicemail on iPhone here helps you to create a new greeting regularly and use it anytime you want. At least, you can show that the number is still active. As a result, callers can leave a voice message without anything to worry about because you will always read or listen to the messages.

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