How to Delete Voicemail on iPhone Permanently

Don’t let your voicemail messages fill up the memory of your iPhone. Delete some of the unimportant messages to receive new messages. A full voicemail message box can cause the voicemail on your iPhone doesn’t work. First-time voicemail users often ask how do I delete voicemail on my iPhone. Follow the instructions on how to delete voicemail from iPhone below if you also want to delete the voicemail messages on your iPhone.

Steps to delete voicemail on your iPhone

There are some simple steps to delete the voicemail from your iPhone. Make sure all the steps below are followed correctly.

  • Launch the Voicemail App

You have to launch the voicemail app first before deleting voicemail messages on the iPhone. Ensure that your iPhone is in the home screen position. Find the phone app and tap it. Check the bottom part of the screen. You will see five icons there. Tap on the voicemail icon to launch this app.

delete voicemail on iphone

  • Choose the Voicemail Messages You Want to Delete

The next step you have to do is find the voicemail messages you want to delete. Go to the voicemail inbox. It is the place where the voicemail system stores all your messages. Check the voicemail messages you want to delete by seeing the name of the caller, date, and time. You can also hit the play button to listen to the message before deleting it.

  • Delete the Voicemail Messages

So, how to delete voicemail on iPhone? For iOS 12.4 or lower users, you will see a trash can icon once you tap a message. Tap the delete button to remove the message from the inbox. You don’t have to delete the messages one by one.

Use the clear all option to delete all the voicemail messages. Tap the clear all option again to confirm that you want to delete all the messages. That’s it! Your old voicemail messages will be gone from the inbox.

Delete the voicemail messages permanently

You can still check the messages after deleting them. The deleted messages are still on the iPhone for 30 days. You can clear them all permanently before 30 days.

Launch the voicemail app first. Check the deleted messages option on the bottom of the screen. Tap this option and find the clear all option.

delete voicemail on iphone permanently

Ensure that you don’t need the messages anymore because they can’t be restored after hitting the clear all option. That’s it! You will not see the messages anymore in your app or iPhone.

Things to Consider

You can restore the deleted messages on the voicemail app as long as it is not more than 30 days. The system will automatically delete the messages permanently after 30 days. There is nothing you can do if you have deleted the messages permanently.

The only thing you can do is call the sender back to get the full message. You need to know how to delete voicemail on iPhone if the iPhone starts to say that your memory is full. Deleting the message permanently will increase the storage on your iPhone. It means you can receive new voicemail messages.

Move the messages on the iPhone to your PC or Mac devices if you don’t want to delete the messages yet. The most important thing is that you remove the old messages to get space back to receive new voicemail messages.

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