How to Fix iPhone 12 Voicemail Not Working Properly

You can’t see the list of the voicemail messages or transcripts if your iPhone 12 voicemail not working. Indeed, you need to know why the voicemail app in your iPhone 12 is not working before fixing it. The following information may be the cause of the issue.

Causes that can make iPhone 12 voicemail not working

One of the common reasons why the voicemail in the iPhone is not working is because you haven’t set it up yet. This voicemail can only work if you set it up first by creating a new password and greeting. Go to the phone icon and tap it.

setting up visual voicemail iphone 12

You will see the voicemail icon on the bottom right of the screen. Hit the voicemail icon and follow the instructions to set up voicemail on your iPhone 12. The system asks you to complete the requirements, such as making a unique password and greeting.

Confirm your actions by hitting the done button. The last thing to do is hitting the save button. Now, you can use voicemail.

Specific iPhone system disturbs the voicemail

A specific iPhone system may disturb the voicemail. It causes your iPhone 12 voicemail not working properly as usual. Try to restart the app first. Go to the home screen and swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Then, swipe left or right to get the phone app preview. Swipe the preview to close the phone app.

Now, reopen the phone app and check whether the voicemail app is back to normal or not. This simple trick will also fix this issue if there is any serious issue with the voicemail system.

You are not using the latest iOS version

iPhone voicemail may stop working because you don’t use the latest iOS version. The voicemail system is no longer compatible with the old iOS version. Indeed, you have to update the iOS system first.

iphone 12 ios update

Go to the settings option and tap the general option. Hit the software update option to update the iOS system. iPhone also allows you to update the iOS system automatically. Go to the settings option and hit the general option.

Tap the software update and automatic updates. The system will update your iPhone iOS anytime there is a new one. It means you can keep using your voicemail.

The cellular connection is off

You need a cellular connection to operate the voicemail app on the iPhone. So, check the cellular connection if your iPhone 12 voicemail is not working. It can be because the cellular connection is off. You only have to turn on the cellular connection. Check your voicemail to ensure that it works back to normal as before.

turn on cellular data on iphone

Now, you know that there are issues that make your iPhone 12 voicemail not working. The list above not only shows the causes but also the way to fix them. Try to apply one of the tricks above to make your iPhone 12 voicemail work back as before. At least, you can try to handle it first by yourself without help from the expert.

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