How to Fix iPhone Voicemail Full that You Can Do by Yourself

The iPhone voicemail app will always save your voicemail messages even if you have opened them. It causes the iPhone voicemail full if you don’t do something. New users often ask if iPhone says voicemail is full what should I do. Check the list below to fix this problem right away, so you can use the voicemail as before.

Steps to fix when iPhone visual voicemail says full

The most common thing you can do if your iPhone says that the voicemail is full is deleting all the voicemails. Hit the phone button on the home screen and the voicemail icon. You will see two options on the top of the screen.

delete voicemail on iphone

Tap the edit option to delete all the voicemail messages. Select the messages you want to delete if you don’t want to delete them all. Tap the delete option on the top right of the screen. Now, your voicemail messages are gone from the list.

Delete the deleted voicemail messages

Delete all the voicemail is not finished yet if you don’t delete permanently from the voicemail app. It can be a reason why your iPhone keeps saying that your voicemail is full even after deleting the messages.

iphone deleted voicemail

Go to the main voicemail list. Check the deleted message option at the top of the voicemail icon. Find the clear all option and hit it. Tap the clear all option. Ensure that you don’t need the voicemail messages anymore before tapping the clear all option.

The system will delete the deleted messages permanently from the app and phone once you tap it. It means you can’t restore the messages.

Clear all blocked voicemails

How about if you keep seeing an iPhone voicemail full sign even after doing the two tips above? It can be because there are still blocked voicemail messages on the app. Blocked voicemail messages are coming from the blocked numbers that call your iPhone.

Most iPhone and voicemail app users don’t realize it because the messages don’t show up in the voicemail list. The problem is that these hidden messages can still take up space on your voicemail app.

delete blocked voicemail on iphone

Go to the phone app and tap the voicemail option. Find the block messages option and tap it. Select the hidden messages you want to delete and tap the delete button. Now, you can close the app and reopen it. Your iPhone will not say that the voicemail app is full anymore after applying this trick.

Contact your wireless carrier

You can contact the wireless carrier if the popup still appears even after doing the tricks above. Ensure that you contact the carrier that you use, such as Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, or Sprint. Let them know that your iPhone voicemail is full. They will give instructions to fix the problem.

So, don’t get confused if you see an iPhone voicemail full sign on your iPhone. Find out the causes first and do one of the tricks above. Try to fix the problem by yourself first before calling your wireless carrier. Fixing the problem by yourself is faster than calling the wireless carrier. The faster you fix the voicemail problem, the faster you can use the iPhone.

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