How to Fix When Voicemail Unavailable on Your iPhone

Voicemail helps you to check messages from phone calls without calling them back. The problem is that some iPhone users ask why voicemail unavailable on iPhone. You don’t have to bring the phone to the mechanic only because of this problem. The following explanation helps people who ask why is visual voicemail unavailable on my iPhone.

voicemail unavailable on iphone

Why is Voicemail Unavailable on my iPhone?

Unavailable voicemail on an iPhone can be because of some reason, including the airplane mode, expired version, mobile data, and many more. Check the tips below to fix the unavailable voicemail on your iPhone.

  • Check the Airplane Mode

Your iPhone system will shut off all the connections once you turn on the airplane mode, including the voicemail app. As a result, callers can’t hear a voicemail signal and don’t leave a message. You also can’t check the available voicemail messages. So, check the airplane mode on your iPhone.

iphone airplane mode

Ensure that this app is off. Go to the settings app and airplane mode. Tap on the airplane mode if it is on to turn it off. Wait for 15 seconds and check your voicemail messages. You can also turn on the airplane mode first if it is off.

Then, turn this app off again and wait for 15 seconds before checking the messages. This simple trick will make your voicemail app active again. You can check the previous messages. Everyone who calls your iPhone will also get a voicemail signal when you don’t pick their calls.

The iPhone system is not compatible anymore with the App

The developer may update the voicemail app system. It causes the iPhone system is not compatible anymore with the voicemail app. That’s why you may be wondering why voicemail unavailable on my iPhone without any specific issues before.

The best solution is by updating your iPhone system first to make it compatible with the voicemail app. Go to the settings app. Tap the general option and software update option. The system will automatically check the updates.

You will see a download button if there is an update. Tap the download button and install it. Carefully follow the onscreen instructions until the installing process is complete. Check the voicemail app. You can use the voicemail app again as long as the iPhone system is compatible and there are no other issues.

  • Check the Mobile Data

Like the airplane mode, the mobile data app will shut off all the internet connections. The Voicemail app works with an internet connection. You can’t use this app without an internet connection or if you are in an area with a bad internet connection.

iphone mobile data

Check the mobile data app and ensure that this app is on. Go to the settings app and tap the cellular app. Then, check the cellular data app. Tap this app and turn it on if it is off. You also have to ensure that the toggles for phone and settings options are enabled by scrolling down this screen.

The point is that by doing the simple tricks above, you can activate your voicemail back. You don’t need to get confused and keep asking why voicemail unavailable on iPhone anymore. You finally found the solution.

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