iPhone Goes Straight to Voicemail: Causes and how to Fix it

Your friends may complain that your iPhone goes straight to voicemail anytime they call you. The iPhone goes straight to voicemail on the first call even if you are ready to answer their calls. The voicemail app is always active because the Do Not Disturb app is on or a carrier settings update is available.

iphone goes straight to voicemail

What does it mean when an iPhone goes straight to voicemail?

airplane mode on iphoneThe voicemail on the iPhone will always be on when this device is not connected to the cellular network. It causes the system to turn the airplane mode one. In this case, callers will automatically connect to a voicemail on the first call.

You may also not realize if someone is calling you in this condition. Ensure that you check the cellular network, especially when you go to areas with a bad network. Go to the settings option and check the airplane mode.

Turn it off when this app is on. Turn the airplane mode on when it is off. Then, wait for a few seconds before turning the airplane app off.

Do Not Disturb System is active

iphone do not disturbDo Not Disturb system is active anytime the iPhone screen is off. This system will silence all incoming calls, text message notifications, and alerts on the iPhone. The thing that most iPhone users don’t realize is that this system has a specific feature that automatically sends incoming calls straight to voicemail.

You only have to turn off the Do Not Disturb system by opening the control center menu. Swiping down from the upper right-hand corner of the screen to open this menu. You can also swipe up from the bottom of the screen if the iPhone doesn’t use Face ID. Then, look for the moon icon. Do Not Disturb is on when it is white and purple. Turn it off by tapping the icon.

The volume of your iPhone is too low or in silence mode

The level of the volume can be another reason why your iPhone goes straight to voicemail. You may not hear the calling because the volume is too low or in silence mode. A voicemail app will always be active if you don’t answer a call after a few minutes.

iphone volume too lowIndeed, check the volume of your iPhone. Ensure that it is loud enough and not in silence mode. Tap the setting option and sounds and haptics option. Drag the slider under the ringers and alert option to the right.

It helps you to hear how loud the sound of your iPhone is. Try to call your iPhone and ensure that the ringtone and its volume system work well.

Using a voicemail app on iPhone is good. It helps to answer calls and let the callers leave a message. Indeed, it can be a problem if your iPhone goes straight to voicemail anytime your friends call you. The tips above may solve this problem, so you can receive calls from your friends while using voicemail when you can’t answer them. One thing is for sure, you will always receive their messages whether you pick up the calls or not.

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