How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone 11 in a Few Minutes

You must learn how to set up voicemail on iPhone 11 if you often miss calls from friends, colleagues, or family. This app prevents you from missing a crucial message from them when you can’t pick the calls up. The following instructions will answer your question on how to set up voicemail on your new iPhone 11.

Simple steps to set up voicemail on your iPhone 11 series

You don’t need to download the voicemail app even if you are using a new iPhone 11, 11 Pro and also 11 Pro Max. New iPhone 11 users who want to use a voicemail app can’t also find the icon on the home screen. So, what you have to do is tapping the phone app on the home screen.

set up voicemail on iphone 11

Go to the bottom of the screen and check the left corner of the screen. You will see an icon, along with a voicemail word. Tap on it to activate the voicemail app.

  • Set up the Voicemail App

Now, you are on the voicemail screen. This screen is empty until the setting process is complete. You will only see a set up now button. Tap on this button to continue the setting process. It leads you to a task to create a password and greeting.

You must create a password if you are a new user. Those who ever use iPhone voicemail and sign in before can write down their previous password. Using this method allows them to access the old voicemails automatically. So, ensure that you memorize your voicemail app password. Tap the done button to go to the greeting screen.

record voicemail greeting on iphone 11

Choose the default greeting if you want to use this app right away. If it is not, you can customize the greeting by recording your greeting voice. Tap the done button to confirm the password and greeting.

The voicemail app is ready to use

Learning how to set up voicemail on iPhone 11 is simple. You can complete the process for a few minutes and use the voicemail app. Check the voicemail messages you have by tapping the phone icon on the home screen.

Then, see the small red number on the voicemail icon. It shows the number of voicemail messages you have. If there is no information it means that you don’t receive a message yet. Tap on the voicemail icon to check the callers who sent you messages.

listening voicemail message on iphone 11

Find out the most important voicemail message you have to listen to first. Tap it and the play button to listen to the message. That’s it! You can save the message or delete it. You can even call back the caller once you listen to their messages by using this app.

Activating and using a voicemail in your iPhone 11 will make it more useful. You will always get the latest information from your friends, colleagues, and family if you can’t pick their calls. Ensure that you follow the instructions to setting up visual voicemail on iPhone 11 above.

Then, try to feel the difference before and after using this app on your iPhone 11. Indeed, you will get benefits from this app if you often receive calls from your iPhone 11.

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