How to Set Up Voicemail on iPhone X Easily

iPhone X is compatible with any app, including voicemail. Yet, it is important to know how to set up voicemail on iPhone X. It ensures that this app is active and ready to use. As a result, you will also get benefits from this app. Check the steps to setting up visual voicemail on your iPhone X below.

visual voicemail iphone x

Step by step to setup voicemail on iPhone X

The way to set up voicemail on iPhone X is similar to the way to set up it on iPhone 8. Find on the phone icon from the home screen. It leads you to five different options, including the voicemail tab.

Tap on this option to continue the process. A popup message will appear to ask you to create a password and greeting. Tap the set up now button under the popup. You can also press and hold the 1 key to go to the setup area.

  • Create a Password

You need to create a password first before continuing the setting process. The password consists of 7 to 15 digits by combining letters and numbers. Ensure that the password is easy to remember and no one can guest it.

set up voicemail on iphone x

Tap the done button to confirm your password. Re-enter your password and make sure that it is the same as the first password you have made. Tap the done button again to confirm.

  • Create a Greeting

You will learn about the way to create a voicemail greeting message on your iPhone X. A default option is for iPhone X users who want to use a generic or default greeting. It is a simple method because you don’t need to record a greeting.

record voicemail greeting on iphone x

For a more personal, you can also use a custom option. In this option, you have to record your greeting voice. The last thing to do is tapping the save button to confirm that you will use the greeting for the voicemail.

Check the Voicemail Message

The voicemail message is ready to use after creating a password and greeting. Now, you can check voicemail message you get. This app will display the voicemail messages on the screen. You will get a notification when checking the voicemail.

Tap the phone icon on the home screen and the voicemail tab. There will be a small red number above the voicemail icon if there is a voicemail. The number shows how many voicemails you have. Tab the voicemail icon and the message you want to hear first.

listening voicemail message on iphone x

Tab the play button and listen to the message. The system allows you to keep the message, call back the caller, and delete the message.

Voicemail can be a useful app for your iPhone X. It helps you to receive any call, especially urgent or important calls. You will never miss calls even if you don’t pick up the phones.

Ensure that you have followed the steps on how to set up voicemail on iPhone X above before using this app. Then, you can try this app first to know that it works well to save a voice message.

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