How to Undelete Voicemail on iPhone and Listen to It Again

You may delete some of your voicemail messages because you think you don’t need them anymore. Unfortunately, you miss specific details on the messages and want to check them again. Remain calm because you can recover deleted voicemail on your iPhone and listen to the messages again. Follow the instructions to undelete voicemail on iPhone below.

undelete voicemail on iphone

Steps to recover deleted voicemail on iPhone

Ensure that your iPhone is in the home screen position. Then, find the phone icon and tap it. You will see five different options, which are favorites, recent, contacts, keypad, and voicemail. Tap the voicemail option because you want to launch this app.

Find the deleted visual voicemail messages

You have to find the deleted voicemail messages once you launch the voicemail app. All you have to do is look for the deleted messages button. It is at the bottom of the list of your current messages. This feature also shows the number of deleted messages. Tap this button.

Undelete the deleted voicemail messages 

recover deleted voicemail on iphone

So, how to undelete voicemail on iPhone after finding the deleted voicemail messages? Tap the deleted messages you want to restore. You will see the information about the caller who sends the message, the date, the time, and the message.

Play the message first to ensure that it is the right message you want to restore. Then, focus on the three options under the deleted message. You will see the speaker, call back, and undeleted options. Tap the undeleted option since you want to restore the message.

Check the deleted message on the list of the saved messages

Ensure that the system has restored your voicemail deleted messages. Go to the list of the voicemail saved messages. Ensure that the deleted messages you have restored are there. Tap the message and the play button.

You can listen to the restored message if you follow the instructions above. Repeat the process from the beginning if you can find or listen to the restored messages.

Things to consider about restoring deleted voicemail messages on iPhone

In some cases, iPhone users can’t find the deleted messages after following the instructions above. So, what is going on with the voicemail app or the message? Ensure that the deleted messages are not more than 30 days. The system keeps your deleted voicemail messages on the app for 30 days. The system will delete the message permanently after 30 days, and you can’t restore the voicemail messages anymore.

You also can’t restore voicemail deleted messages if using a traditional voicemail service. The system is not compatible anymore. Call your mobile service provider and ask them how to undeleted voicemail on iPhone.

They will guide you to restore your deleted voicemail messages. You will not see the deleted messages folder if you don’t have any deleted voicemail messages. It means there is nothing you can restore.

The best solution is that you call the sender of the message to get the full message. You can also remove the important voicemail messages to your PC or macOS before deleting all the messages from your iPhone.

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